1. Chemical modification for gas-phase metrology


Together with the experimental physics group of Prof. Markus Arndt (University of Vienna), we investigate chemical methods to enable the generation and detection of charge-neutral monodisperse molecular beams of biomolecules in high vacuum. While mass spectrometry has rapidly occupied a central role as an analytic method in Life sciences and chemistry, it deals exclusively with charged particles. Methods to launch and detect biomolecular ions are consequently well developed in contrast to neutrals. We probe and apply the synthetic modification of biomolecules to make them amenable for gas-phase studies as neutral particles.

Current project (European Commission, Horizon 2020, research and innovation programme, grant agreement 860713): https://www.supermama-project.eu/


2. Asymmetric bio- and transition metal catalysis

Being similarly fascinated by the creative application of biocatalysis for fine-chemical synthesis and the wealth of transition metal catalyzed reactions, we pursue method development in both areas and look for opportunities to combine these complementary approaches.